Fresh Start

SO, a few weeks have passed, it’s officially summer and my garden has undergone some changes already.

The tubs have been topped up with soil mix and manure and have been replanted.


Zucchini and waiting for more Chinese greens to germinate, potted marigolds


Thyme got too much water! Four o’clock plant and more hatching pots


Looking forward to his tubs of beets and garlic chives


Chives, carrots, kale, marigold


2 types of kale and budding radishes


Season peppers


Oregano looking so healthy with hot pepper

I reaped a few pods of black eye peas before they were ruined by too much rain so I tossed those into the leaf pile/tub, but some plants made it. Like the heirloom tomatoes, basil and a scraggly cucumber which I will uproot soon if no fruit develop further.WP_20170711_032 - CopyAnd this…..WP_20170711_035………huge awe mustard! Seriously these leaves are about as long as my forearm.

The spinach has been cut back so many times and look at it go.WP_20170711_030See all those eaten leaves on the tobacco? That’s exactly why I grow it. To keep those caterpillars away from my greens. Loving how this lush shade corner is coming along.

And check this out….my side garden is back.WP_20170711_002WP_20170711_004WP_20170711_003

And a garden is more than the plants. Mine is my favourite spot to sip my tea on weekends and where I go to breathe a bit deeper on any given day.WP_20170702_018

Happy summer gardening from me to you.




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