Fruiting Away

My yard may be little, but it sure doesn’t stop me from enjoying homegrown fruit. In fact, I currently have multiple trees in fruit and have been enjoying some already.

Of course I am especially excited to see soursops ( and I mean numerous) on the tree. After much angst, newspaper, CDs and turpentine oil I have quite a few coming along nicely.WP_20170711_039

WP_20170719_004 - Copy

Can you spot the two soursops in this pic?

If you pass by my house early mornings you just may catch me under the mulberry tree munching away on the fresh delights. I love that the more you prune a tree the more it produces and this tree is solid proof. After some struggling years feeding an abundance of leaves, I have taken to pruning it regularly and I am loving the results.




Well, you know this gooseberry vine stays fruiting now. I had some stunted fruit thanks to lots of rain but still looking good.WP_20170528_006.jpgI haven’t mentioned pomegranates in a while but I yes, I still do have a little shrub. Since it sits in the front of the house we had cut it back because passers-by seemed to be enjoying them more than we were. But now with other fruit options, I can afford to spare a few. LOL.


I love the transition from flower to fruit!

WP_20170711_052While I am not eating from these saplings as yes, they continue to grow quite well and I actually have to transplant the sapote and carambola pretty soon like I did the fig. Roots are emerging from the bottom of the pots and look at that carambola flowering.


Slow but steady growth


Experiment to see if I get fruit on the main stem


Hoping some root space and mulch prompt some more branching

Meanwhile have also been potting some goose and mulberry saplings FOR SALE!WP_20170711_048


Test subject is a beauty and has already fruited thank you!

They are coming along just great, SO if you are interested in having one of these not so common fruit trees please let me know.

Seven types of fruit, not bad for a really tiny yard. So, just remember you don’t need a massive yard to grow some fruit. I got you!

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