Unplanned Meals

I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of my most tasty dishes are ones that are totally unplanned and last minute. I can plan all day, prep ingredients then when the time comes to actually prepare the meal, I opt to make something completely different. Oh well, at least it all works out for the better best.

Case in point. Last week I bought some mincebeef, it being summer with easy meals and all. The plan all along was to have the daughter make some quick and easy pasta with a marinara meat sauce one day, but since when does this Libra mess stick to a plan? When I eventually made my way to the kitchen, I reached into the cupboard for the pasta, uhmm what pasta? I didn’t buy any and since it’s not something I cook often, I surely didn’t have any stocked! Sigh. But wait, what’s that I spot? Oh look, cans of kidney beans, and this is what I envisoned immediately!WP_20170719_018I felt the sudden urgent need to eat chili con carne. I must admit I used to HEART Wendy’s chili in NY in my meatier days, and my best bet here in Bim has been Bert’s Bar, but it’s all a phase with me.

Anyhooos, once I decided on the chili, I HAD to mix up some quick cornbread, which always gets me singing, “it’s cornbread,…” (remember the movie Cornbread, Earl & Me?)

Cornbread-Earl-And-Me Cover.jpg

Yeah, that’s a very young Mr Fishburne..lol


And what do you know, I also had some tacos in the fridge from who knows when, so I broke those up, drizzled some olive oil and popped them in the still hot oven for all of one minute. I need some crunch in my mouth, sorry.

WP_20170719_019We ended up with a meal that was soooo darn delicious. I had to beg the teens not to eat the entire dish of bread and I swear they were going to eat all of the chili in one sitting so I actually had to remove the bowl from the table. #thestruggleisrealwithteensandfood

Quick, simple ingredients but packing major flavours. Look out for this recipe soon!WP_20170719_024


How thick and delish looking is that sauce?


We couldn’t decide which was better, the chips or the bread.

What can I tell yah, beans have bean good to me this week.

P:S: Can you believe the son and I woke to an empty bowl the next day? The daughter took ALL OF THE LEFTOVERS AND ALL BUT ON SLICE OF CORNBREAD to her athletic clinic!!!! Words fail me. I’m done.

6 thoughts on “Unplanned Meals

  1. Jennifer says:

    I would have taken all too!!! Yes I loveessss a good chili too and this looks hearty and the kidney beans in it are devine!! Was goin to suggest a lil cheddar cheese but wunna gobble it off so fast…Teens, I wonder how my mom did it with 8 of us and we ain’t althletic like your brood….athletes stomachs are bottomless. And as for the cornbread , I love how quick fast you can whip up a bread or a cake …. I not good with that! I’m salivating thinking of that crumbly texture, slightly sweet with a spoonful of beans and meat….lawd!! Niceness

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG, you have the entire experience down to a tee. You are indeed a “chili-ist” woman. The son and I are also lactose intolerant but the daughter can’t get enough of it. She is a cheeseist so her and Sean will add as a topping. #mypoorfoodbill


  2. key says:

    Hey Susan! I love chili too! I try to make enough so that I can freeze some for later. I also like to add raisins for a little sweetness, just a few. The sweetness makes me happy. 🙂


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