Not the condiment, the plant. And not the new frangle dangle red variety, I mean the good old time mustard with the little yellow flowers(dating myself here). You know, the kind that smells really spicy and pungent but the moment you add it to a pot of rice it becomes the sweetest greens you have ever eaten in rice. It seemed that back then everyone and their mother grew it but in hindsight and with more knowledge, once it seeds, you are set for life.

Well I was lucky enough to get a plant from a friend of a friend’s a few yrs back and being perennial, they died but always came back after heavy rains…..until the day they didn’t come back! I scoured all over Barbados looking for this “bush” which I must tell you, I absolutely used to hate as a child. What was wrong with me? Then one day the gardening pal Karen called and I swear this is all I heard; Do It Best, heirloom seeds, SALE!

I headed up there right quick, never expecting to find these among the racks for… 2 dollars!!!  (Dr Evil voice and pinkey at the mouth).


Do you SEE that price?

YASSSS. I was back in the mustard business, and it has been thriving. Move over Grey Poupon!

WP_20170719_009 - Copy
Do you see the size of that leaf? OMG

Heirloom seeds ROCK!

Of course I am already reaping and I really don’t need a whole lot to make a meal.


For some perspective………….


You do know how long aloes are right?


My poor son’s hand pales in comparison..WOW

I just love this variety of greens. It is a whole lot softer and milder than that tough wrinkled mess of red mustard (can you tell I am not a fan?), it is a heavy producer, it’s a crop that can produce year after year once it seeds in the garden and wait, my mom used to use it as medicine as well. Didn’t we have our heads and bodies wrapped in this stuff for pains? because right now I can almost hear my mother’s voice in my head saying, “go and pick some mustard leaves let me wrap it for you.” Yes it is, I found this super informative article 

Let me know if you have had this type of mustard before, and if you share similar memories of medicinal mustard. Seems we have gotten rid of so may of our old indigenous plants for newer varieties that are not as nice, natural or beneficial. Let me know your thoughts.




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