Corn Fritters Baby!

What would you say if I told you I made the tastiest freaking corn fritters ever in the history of man? Well, fine then, you didn’t taste them, so what would you know. But trust me, I had to force myself to stop eating these things! Like seriously, right now as I type I am thinking about the six left covered on the dining table. I am wondering if anyone intends to eat them, if they will be missed, did the children have enough….. Oh dear, someone help me! Help me eat these things by making some.

WP_20170718_026 - Copy

If you have a can of sweet corn, some flour, an egg and some spice, then you are what we call “ready”.


1 14 oz can sweet style corn

1 egg

2 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon ground spice/cinnamon

1 cup flour ( try to use alternatives to white flour or go 50-50)

  • Makes about 2 dozen fritters so you can halve the recipe if you want. Even though I don’t know who would want to after trying these.


Pour corn into bowl, add egg and combine. Sprinkle sugar and spices onto corn and egg mixture and stir until incorporated. Slowly add flour and mix gently until well blended. The mixture should be wet but not thin or runny. LIKE THIS.

WP_20170718_017 - Copy

Those air bubbles let you know they will be light and fluffy.

Lightly coat pan with some oil and drop batter by the tablespoonful. You may need to re-coat at some point, and I find an actual measuring spoon perfect for this kind of wet batter.

Turn once fritters turn golden…..and Voila! (cuz my son said so)WP_20170718_021 - CopyI don’t know about you, but when I see those crisp golden parts I get so excited. A nice crisp bite on the outside, but such a soft and delicate fritter…ohmmmm

WP_20170718_030 - Copy
Spongy soft with bits of corn!!!

WP_20170718_028 - CopySO you all have to make these and get some crazy good fritters in your life. Please don’t have them everyday though. I know you may be tempted to, but moderation is the key with fritters. Even though I use very little oil in the frying, fritters are known to absorb crazy oil so these are a treat best savored sporadically. I know people who bake their fritters and that’s always an option. I simply don’t have these too often, I let my palette miss them a bit which makes them even more special the next time around.WP_20170718_025 - Copy

6 thoughts on “Corn Fritters Baby!

  1. Girlllllll! My first visit to your blog and yuh already enticing me back wid dem corn fritters. And yessssss, I too love crispy projections on fritters and such…especially on a fish cake.
    Will give the recipe a try. Might use cream style corn instead . Ever tried that?
    And when ya post pics like that and have de tings looking so yummy, don’t expect muh moderation 🙂


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